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Crowns and Bridges

Why Do I Need A Crown ?

When a tooth is seriously damaged or cracked and a regular white filling has limitations to success, our dentists will suggest a crown.

A crown is often the best choice to protect what is left of your weakened tooth and will outlast any white filling you may consider as an alternative. You deserve the choice of a crown.

What Exactly Is A Crown ?

A crown is a 1.5mm - 2mm shell of porcelain, or gold, or even porcelain over gold, that covers the weakened core of the remaining tooth damaged by decay or trauma. Crowns are made by a dental technician in a state of the art dental laboratory, so that a precise fit can be guaranteed. This greatly improves the quality of the finished product being placed in your mouth. No white filling can match the quality or longevity of a crown.

What Is A Bridge ?

When a gap appears in your smile, it is possible to join several crowns into a structure we call a bridge so that we can permanently fill the gap with a great looking tooth. Embarrassing gaps are a thing of the past when you choose a bridge.


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