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Root Canals

Why Do I Need A Root Canal Treatment ?

One or more of the following signs usually means we need to remove the dead or dying nerve from your tooth. We look for:

  1. A decayed tooth aching or sensitive to hot or cold
  2. A tooth with a large filling aching or sensitive
  3. A tooth sore to bite on or the nearby gum is inflamed or draining pus
  4. Trauma has exposed and contaminated a tooth's nerve

What Is A Root Canal Treatment ?

Several visits are required using chemicals and fine instruments to gently wash away bacteria and debris from inside the tooth. We then replace the space with rubber points and an antiseptic cement that seals the area from further entry by bacteria.

The good news is your tooth can now be filled and function as intended. If cracked, or cracks are suspected, a crown is a far superior choice to a white filling.


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