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White Fillings

Why we use white fillings.

A great smile always contains a mouth full of straight white teeth! Tooth decay and trauma can destroy tooth structure, but the good news is that tooth-coloured materials exist to restore your teeth to their natural-looking best. You deserve the right to improve your smile.

Replacing Old Black fillings.

People with older style fillings tell us they are reluctant to smile because their black fillings can be unsightly. Replacing these older fillings with new white fillings will improve your confidence immensely.

White Fillings or Crowns?

When a decay or defect is only small there will be plenty of solid tooth structure remaining to adequately hold any new white filling. However, if the decay or defect is substantial, then a tooth may benefit by restoring the tooth with a crown. Quite simply, the job of a crown is to hold weak tooth structure together and stop it splitting. Also see our (Crowns & Bridges) page.

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